Use Industrial Sand Products

6 ways to use silica sand in Lewisport, KY

L R Chapman Inc. mines sand to give you the most durable and decorative materials for residential, commercial and industrial construction projects. Use our silica sand for:


Asphalt processes

Glass manufacturing

Masonry construction

Well drilling processes

Industrial construction

Don’t let the name fool you.

Our industrial sand products are great for a variety of construction and hardscaping projects. Questions? Call L R Chapman Inc. today at 270-295-3370 to learn more about our silica sand in Lewisport, KY.

Our silica sand is the perfect material for many construction projects. If you’re on the hunt for a material to use for concrete, asphalt, hardscaping projects and more, you’re going to love silica sand from L R Chapman Inc.

Call L R Chapman Inc. today at 270-295-3370 to schedule a delivery.