L R Chapman Inc. - Sand and Gravel Supplier Based in Lewisport and Owensboro, KY

Choose from silica sand, clay or shale rock in Lewisport and and Owensboro, KY

You need a sand and gravel supplier that’s been providing some of the best industrial minerals to the Lewisport and and Owensboro, KY region for more than 60 years. L R Chapman Inc. follows all the necessary regulations at the local, state and federal levels for our materials. Our products include:

  • Clay—used for tile manufacturing
  • Shale rock—a popular road construction material
  • Silica sand—used in playground sand and glass manufacturing

If you’re in the market for quality sand and gravel, don’t delay. Contact L R Chapman Inc. today to place your order for industrial sand products in Lewisport and Owensboro, KY.

5 reasons to choose L R Chapman Inc.

L R Chapman Inc. offers a list of products and services. In addition to our industrial sand products, we also provide industrial waste management services. Choose our team because:

1. We’re experienced

2. Our products have many uses

3. We have the appropriate permits

4. We’re environmentally conscious

5. We can dispose of construction debris properly

Are you ready to learn more?

Call L R Chapman Inc. at 270-295-3370 to speak with one of our industrial material experts.

Fill your landfill the right way

Our clay and shale rock products have been tested and approved for landfill lining. If you mandate a landfill, you need to ensure the lining application is safe for the environment and consists of the right materials.

Call L R Chapman Inc. at 270-295-3370 to learn more about our clay and shale rock products in Lewisport, and Owensboro, KY.

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