Beneficial Reuse Project in Lewisport and Owensboro, KY

Clean and Protect Your Environment

Schedule waste stream management in Lewisport and and Owensboro, KY

L R Chapman Inc. has recently started a Beneficial Reuse Project. We have reclaimed an abandoned mine to make the land usable again. Through this reclamation process, we provide waste stream management to improve the quality of water runoff.

Call L R Chapman Inc. today at 270-295-3370 to learn more about our waste stream management services in Lewisport and Owensboro, KY.

3 benefits of waste stream management

We follow and exceed the strict state and federal regulations for waste stream management. Choose L R Chapman Inc. for the job to:

  1. Reduce pollution
  2. Improve water quality
  3. Protect the environment

You need a professional team you can trust to dispose of waste properly to protect our planet. L R Chapman Inc. is the team you can depend on. Call 270-295-3370 today to schedule an appointment for waste stream management in Lewisport and Owensboro, KY.